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The Codex Alera
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:00 am    Post subject: Bullet-proof characters Reply with quote

ZeroG wrote:
You can relax with the suspense and cliff-hangers because you know he'll get out of any tight spot he might find himself in.

That's true for the main characters, but what about the secondary ones? I like the two Antillus brothers, for example, Maximus and Crassus, and keep wondering whether they'll make it to the end of the series, considering that two evil High Ladies want them dead. Sure they also want Tavi dead, but we know that Tavi will survive anything, even the lightning strikes from the Canim because he just coincidentally happens to have the right protection device on him. Quite by chance of course. Rolling Eyes

Set your mind at rest, Zero. Like Winter vs. Summer pointed out earlier, in Jim Butcher's universe, brothers, especially half-brothers, one of whom is illegitimate (like Harry Dresden and Thomas Raith) tend to be bullet-proof. They may come near death with a certain regularity but they always pull through. super grin

Another bullet-proof character is Araris Valerian, the "one-man legion" as someone put it.

About Araris, though, there are a lot of inconsistencies about how he disguised himself so he could protect Tavi. Some of the "details" don't make sense at all. His horrible scar is supposed to be self-inflicted, for example. Which means he never really branded by the Legions (couldn't be, in the circumstances) - so how come he bears flogging scars as if he really had been sentenced by the military authorities? Did he flog himself too? (Can't have been Isana who did it - she's the only one in on the secret but she was in no state to do any flogging at the time, she was giving birth and having a hard time of it.) Before or after branding himself? That's pushing it. Guy must have been a masochist. Or, rather, Butcher is a sadist as to inflicting suffering on his characters. Maximus too, bears lashing scars that are way too severe for the circumstances.

Since Kitai wanted a horse as a chalah (totem) but ended up bonded with Tavi instead, I finally chose a horse for an avatar. Hope it's ok? Very Happy

That's fine, Kitai. Nice horse. ten Welcome to the site. Very Happy
Salut les copains!
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 6:36 pm    Post subject: Sadism in the Butcher books? Reply with quote

Or, rather, Butcher is a sadist as to inflicting suffering on his characters. Maximus too, bears lashing scars that are way too severe for the circumstances.

Well, Butcher confesses to having read John Norman's Gor series (yuck!) so he's heavy on slavery, slave collars especially "discipline collars", whipping, flogging, total obedience, etc.

I agree that Araris' scars make no sense, and Maximus' are all out of proportion. How did his father, who did love him, let his stepmother have him flogged so badly when he was a pre-teen? Even the servants should have said something. It also doesn't make sense that sometimes Max would take the blame for some of Crassus' misdeeds. Dorotea, Crassus' mother, would have let him get away with anything. Max knew it. Why let himself in for a flogging with metal-tipped whips for something he didn't do and which he knew Crassus would never be severely punished for? It's just Butler indulging his sadism... That part of the story is psychologically flawed. Not to mention the way Dorotea practically becomes an angel of mercy, the Florence Nightingale of Alera, after she's fitted with a discipline collar. Rolling Eyes

There are a lot of other inconsistencies in the books, including regarding Maximus. Like, at one point it says his father never formally acknowledged him. Yet he was brought up in Antillus Castle, wasn't he? Everyone knew he was the High Lord's son, which was why Dorotea was so hard on him and tried to kill him, fearing he would take the title away from Crassus. Whole thing lacks logic and sense.
Translation, please! wink
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Kitai Alera

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 17, 2013 2:41 am    Post subject: Did you know? Reply with quote

Fun fact on Codex Alera: It was written on a bet (Jim was given two rubbish story ideas - the lost Roman Legion and Pokemon - I kid ye not, Pokemon) and he had to write a story based around those ideas.
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