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JK Rowling's new book: The Casual Vacancy
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:55 pm    Post subject: Dissenting voice - I didn't like it Reply with quote

I just found a lot of the writing very clunky and a lot of the description unnecessary. It's one of my biggest pet peeves in books - having to wade through adjectives. There were far too many characters and the book was far too long as well. I just wanted to shake about 200 pages out of it!

My general thoughts:

I didn't really like it. As well as the fact it was just a difficult read because of the above problems, I just didn't care for the plot. I know a lot of people who have finished the book have said "oh well it wasn't really my kind of book anyway" because it's so different to Potter, but the fact is I read a lot of adult contemporary and character driven novels, so when I read the description I thought it was exactly the kind of book I'd enjoy.

The first 100 or so pages weren't grabbing my attention at all but as soon as we hit Krystal's chapters I heaved a sigh of relief. I actually found her character interesting, and there was so much potential there. I thought the ending was gripping and effective, but by that point I'd been driven mad by all the other boring, pointless characters that it couldn't quite redeem the book as a whole for me. I think if this book had been purely about Krystal it really could have been something special. It was just trying to do too much. It did bother me a bit when the descriptions of Krystal veered off into a political rant, but I can appreciate there's an angle surrounding her situation and I think in general I was quite pleased with how JKR tackled the more adult themes surrounding Krystal's life. I thought Suhkvinder as a character had a lot of potential too. I liked her storyline.

The swearing and other things didn't really bother me. I thought she actually had modern British teenagers down pretty well. The only problem I had whilst reading was trying to disconnect this JKR from Potter JKR. Sometimes reading some of the more adult scenes, I couldn't shake the feeling it was like your mum talking about those things

I think once I'd digested everything I just came to the conclusion that JKR's adult writing style isn't quite for me. I'd be a lot more reluctant to buy an adult book written by her in future. I'd probably wait until I could read a sample or get a feel for what the book would be like.
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