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News from the UK

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:15 am    Post subject: News from the UK Reply with quote

Admin's Note: This was split from the "News from Europe" thread, on Dzu's suggestion (see below) for it seems we chat a lot about the Brits. There are more posts on the UK in the "Trump and Geopolitics" thread but I can't merge them here, so they'll stay over there...

Brit Royals and Racism
Prince Philip Wonders Whether Bearded Man Is a ‘Terrorist’
Prince Philip Under Fire for ‘Terrorist’ Joke About Bearded Man - Just days after another member of the Royal family sparked controversy with an racially-insensitive brooch.

The Queen of England’s husband, Prince Philip, was at the center of a fresh row today after he allegedly joked that a bearded man among the crowds at Sandringham church might be “a terrorist.” Prince Philip, who is 96, plunged the family into controversy just days after Princess Michael of Kent was accused of racism for wearing a piece of Victorian jewelry depicting a crude caricature of a black person. She wore the brooch to a party at which Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s fiance and the soon-to-be first non-white person to marry into the royal family, was present. Philip is said to have made the remark as he led a procession of royals and guests on a walk to the morning service at St Mary Magdalene church, when he spotted a white man sporting a long ginger beard. An onlooker in the crowd quoted in British media said: “Philip was wishing lots of people a Happy New Year and then he spotted this guy with his distinctive beard. He pointed at him in a funny way and turned to one of his Royal bodyguards, saying: 'Is that a terrorist?’” Philip once told a group of British students in China: “If you stay here much longer, you’ll all be slitty-eyed.”


I hadn't realized that Meghan was partly Black. She may be the first non-white (or part-white) person to marry into the British royal family - but didn't one crown prince from a northern European country, I don't remember which, marry a Chinese gal? Rather pretty gal IIRC. This was some years ago, maybe 15 or so...

I hadn't realized either that Philip was so racially insensitive. one

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:01 am    Post subject: Royal marriages Reply with quote

I think the younger Prince in Denmark was married an Asian and had kids to her and she looked lovely but I think they ended up divorcing. His older brother married an Aussie he met in Sydney at the Slip Inn pub during the Sydney Olympjc games...Harry had a ginger beard until recently and I reckon Phillip himself probably had a beard in his youth and Harry looks a lot like he did when he was young... super grin
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:49 pm    Post subject: British Spies Protected Prince Philip’s Secret Life Reply with quote

British Spies Protected Prince Philip’s Secret Life
In the juiciest of British scandals he’s never quite caught in the act, and innuendo isn’t evidence. But, as I found out, MI5 was eager to keep him out of the story.
Clive Irving

The Netflix drama The Crown has done a great job in throwing light on the darkest corners of life with the Windsors, a family with a lot of baggage.

From the ex-monarch the Duke of Windsor being exposed as a willing dupe of the Nazis to the Queen being anguished by years of philandering by Prince Philip, the second season has given an unusual glimpse into a series of scandals that were mostly suppressed at the time.

Indeed, Peter Morgan, the writer, has acted like a diligent archivist by hunting down and exposing a lot stuff once thought far too dangerous to the security of the monarchy if it ever became publicly known. As a result, his narrative also reveals how politicians and the monarchy colluded in a series of cover-ups.

Sometimes – as in the case of the Duke of Windsor – the evidential trail was buried deep and took decades to find light. In others, like the long and sad dissipated descent of Princess Margaret, the truth slowly accumulated over the years in a series of public revelations.

But before The Crown no single reporter or historian had assembled all the scandals as a continual and fateful family drama, a largely-hidden swirling, toxic undercurrent beneath the young Queen’s gritty public composure. And for sure, the royal story has never before received the kind of blockbuster international exposure provided by Netflix.

“When Philip was being vetted as a future husband for Princess Elizabeth, as she then was, her father, George VI, was informed that he ‘was unlikely to be faithful.’”

The trouble is that in some cases the Morgan version of history can’t be verified, while in others the circumstantial evidence is strong but not definitive. This is particularly true in the case of Prince Philip.

Morgan takes a gumshoe’s approach to Philip’s secret life, never quite catching the Prince in the act, always just a bedroom door or curtain short of the compromising position. Indeed, early in the second series dramatic license slides too easily into innuendo. The villain of the first crisis of the royal marriage is not actually Philip himself but his Australian private secretary and long-time confederate in laddish behavior, Lieutenant Commander Michael Parker.

Read more (long article):
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:12 pm    Post subject: Far-Right Trump Supporters Try to Arrest London Mayor Reply with quote

Far-Right Trump Supporters Try to Arrest London Mayor
After Sadiq Khan said the U.S. president wasn’t welcome in London.

A group of far-right protesters holding American flags disrupted an event featuring London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Saturday, attempting to conduct a “citizen’s arrest” of the mayor after he dissed U.S. President Donald Trump. Khan’s speech on gender equality at the Fabian Society was delayed by several minutes as police ushered the demonstrators out of the building, according to multiple reports. The protesters, believed to be members of the White Pendragons group, accused Khan of “subverting the English constitution” and demanded he be arrested. They were escorted out by police after several minutes of their “non-violent” protest. The incident appeared to stem from Khan’s remarks on Trump’s planned visit to London, which he said was canceled because the American president feared widespread protests. After the protesters were ousted on Saturday, Khan took another jab at Trump. “It is a pleasure to be here even though we were distracted by the actions of what some would call very stable geniuses,” he said.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:06 pm    Post subject: Fortunately... Reply with quote

Fortunately these far right supporters of Trump are a minority group and a very small one at that although some people who despise Trump are disappointed they won’t be able to moon him or make fun and embarrass the hell out of him.... The rest of the UK breathed a huge sigh of relief.. super grin
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:11 pm    Post subject: Royal Mom "silenced" over syrupy tweets Reply with quote

    Maybe we should have a thread for news from the UK? Especially the Royal Family?
    Admin: Done! Very Happy

Sarah Ferguson Reportedly ‘Silenced’ Over Syrupy Princess Eugenie Tweets
Like most moms, she was happy her kid got engaged. Unlike other moms, Sarah Ferguson has reportedly been banned from sharing her New Age expressions of love by the royal family.
BY Tom Sykes

Sarah Ferguson, the mother of Princess Eugenie and Prince Andrew’s ex, has long been regarded as the most embarrassing member of the royal family.

And, showing she has lost none of her talent in this regard, Ferguson, who still insists on being referred to as “the Duchess,” published a string of mortifyingly syrupy messages on social media Monday after her daughter’s engagement to former barman Jack Brooksbank was announced.

Sarah Ferguson

They float with laughter and love .. although a boat helps!

A planned interview with the BBC was hastily canned after the messages started appearing, with Fergie’s ex-husband, Prince Andrew, stepping into the breach to answer questions from reporters instead, according to a report in The Daily Mail, which claimed the duchess had been “silenced due to her effusive online postings.”

One source told the Mail: “The feeling was that it [the official reaction] was all better, and more appropriate, coming from the Duke and Buckingham Palace.”

Whilst a clear contender for an embarrassing mom award, there has also been some amused speculation in the British press of how the wedding of Eugenie will inevitably force the coming together in one space of Prince Philip and Sarah Ferguson.

Philip loathes Fergie so intently that he cannot bear to even have her in his eyeline on a racecourse, let alone be in the same room.

Fergie was famously not invited to Prince William’s wedding for this reason, and an invite to Harry’s nuptials seems unlikely.

Philip has been unable to forgive Fergie for the damage he perceives she did to the family via her series of extramarital affairs and subsequent commercial work.

See the tweets and photos here:
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Viet Chick

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:34 pm    Post subject: Princess Eugenie Reply with quote

Eugenie grew up to be quite a pretty girl. I had lost track of Sarah Ferguson and her daughters after the scandal - when was it? 1991 or 1992? The year the Queen called "Annum Horribilis"? How time flies!!

Glad to know she grew up "normally" and found love. Her fiancé is quite cute too!!
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