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Fighting the Muslim Invasion
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Joined: 02 Feb 2010
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Location: France

PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:12 am    Post subject: France expels Swiss Islamist Reply with quote

France expels Swiss Islamist

Paris (AFP) - France on Saturday expelled controversial Swiss Islamist preacher Hani Ramadan who posed "a serious threat to public order", the interior ministry said.

Ramadan, whose brother is the intellectual Tariq Ramadan and whose grandfather founded Egypt's radical Muslim Brotherhood, was arrested in Colmar, eastern France, while attending a conference.

He was "known in the past to have adopted behaviour and made remarks which pose a serious threat on French soil," the ministry said in a statement.

"The interior ministry and the forces of law and order are fully mobilised and will continue to fight ceaselessly against extremism and radicalisation," Interior Minister Matthias Fekl said in the statement.

In 2002 Hani Ramadan was sacked from his teaching post in Switzerland after writing an article in French newspaper Le Monde in support of the stoning of adulterers and suggesting that AIDS was a divine punishment.

Six years later he won 345,000 Swiss francs (just over 200,000 euros) compensation over the sacking.

Ramadan's brother Tariq is banned from entering the United States.

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Joined: 02 Feb 2010
Posts: 1277
Location: France

PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:15 am    Post subject: German anti-immigrant party set to go further right Reply with quote

German anti-immigrant party set to go further right after leader suffers defeat
By Michelle Martin


COLOGNE, Germany (Reuters) - The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) looks set to turn further right after its co-leader, who has struck a more moderate tone of late, suffered a defeat when delegates refused to discuss her motion to shift the party into the "mainstream".

Support for the party, which attacks Chancellor Angela Merkel for having allowed more than a million migrants into Germany in the last two years, has tumbled in recent months after reaching the mid-teens in opinion polls last year.

Originally founded as an anti-euro party in 2013, the AfD is expected to enter the national parliament for the first time after September's election but is treated as a pariah by established political parties, which refuse to work with it. Its congress drew thousands of protesters to Cologne on Saturday.

Frauke Petry, the party's public face and under whose leadership the party has already shifted rightwards, shocked supporters on Wednesday by announcing she would not lead the AfD's campaign for a Sept. 24 federal election.

She had ruffled feathers internally by proposing that the AfD signal its willingness to join coalitions after elections in 2021 rather than entrenching itself as a "fundamental" force of opposition whose role is largely provocative. Her foes within the party say that division is artificial.

But delegates voted against discussing Petry's motion or another proposal in which she and others said the AfD should reject "racist, anti-Semitic ... and nationalist ideologies".

Instead, they stressed the need to show unity after months of bitter infighting that have helped drag down its poll ratings to less than 10 percent. Against her advice, they also voted to field a team of national candidates.

The AfD has been embroiled in a scandal since senior member Bjoern Hoecke called in January for a "180 degree turnaround" in the way Germany seeks to atone for Nazi crimes. Petry got two-thirds of the executive board to vote in February in favor of expelling him and a party arbitration body must now decide.

Delegates in Cologne declined to discuss ending attempts to oust Hoecke, in the only apparent setback to Petry's opponents.

Political scientist Hajo Funke said Petry had recently tried to steer the party on a more moderate course but had lost to more radical members like Hoecke and his supporters, leaving the door open to the AfD shifting further right.

"That means the direction now is that they want to integrate positions such as those held by Hoecke and that's a racial radical right-wing position," Funke said, adding that would make it less attractive to voters.


Petry said the AfD had made a "mistake" in refusing to discuss her motion on its future direction because it was "exactly this lack of strategy" that was behind much of its historic internal strife.

Addressing the congress, Petry's co-leader Joerg Meuthen was applauded for saying the AfD would never form an alliance with those like Merkel, Social Democrat leader Martin Schulz or the Greens, whose pro-migrant stances were wrecking Germany.

Up to 15,000 protesters demonstrated against the AfD's meeting in Cologne, a police spokesman said. Two police officers were injured and a police car was set ablaze.

In a fiery speech, economics professor Meuthen said Germans in his hometown were now "few and far between" and that without action, "the irrevocable change of our homeland into a Muslim-dominated country is a mathematical certainty".

He insisted he was not xenophobic but was concerned about how migrants were changing Germany. Many of those who have arrived in Germany in the last two years are Muslims.

He likened the country to the Titanic.

"Everybody is still in good spirits and there's a relaxed party mood above and below deck but it's almost impossible for the huge ship to make the necessary change in direction anymore," Meuthen said. "People can't or don't want to imagine a collision with an iceberg but it's already unavoidable."
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Joined: 20 Jun 2009
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Location: USA

PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 1:35 pm    Post subject: Germany’s Lynch-Mob Vigilantes: They Hunt Immigrants Reply with quote

Germany’s Lynch-Mob Vigilantes: They Hunt Immigrants
In Germany and Bulgaria, as self-appointed enforcers beat up and ‘arrest’ recent arrivals, governments have done little to interfere.
Josephine Huetlin
05.17.17 1:00 AM ET

ARNSDORF, Germany—The video that spread so rapidly in obscure online forums last May only shows snatches of what happened. You can’t see the part in the supermarket parking lot, when the four men in black shirts pushed the Iraqi asylum seeker to the ground. They bound his wrists together behind his back with cable ties borrowed from the takeaway across the road. Then, in front of a crowd of around 20 people, they strapped him to a nearby tree and waited.

“We wanted the police to come and decide what should happen to him,” one of the men, a middle aged carpenter named Detlef Oelsner, tells The Daily Beast.

Schabbas Sale, the 21-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker, had been in Arnsdorf to get treatment at the local psychiatric hospital. He went to the supermarket that day to complain about a phone card he had purchased earlier.

Then, when he and the woman cashier began to argue and talk past each other at the checkout, someone started filming from the aisle: He is holding a wine bottle and sounds aggravated. She can’t understand what he is saying and is asking him to leave. Suddenly, four men burst into the shop, hollering raus mit dir (out with you). They throw punches at Sale and drag him outside.

“People here are used to patients from the clinic acting eccentric in the supermarket,” Martina Angermann, the mayor of Arnsdorf, tells The Daily Beast. Usually, they just ignore it.

“What a shame we need a Bürgerwehr [citizen’s army],” a female voice behind the camera murmurs at the end of the video clip.

Bürgerwehr has become a dirty and irritating word to the German authorities, especially since the New Year’s sex assaults in Cologne last year prompted a rash of vigilantism.

“It is not for Bürgerwehren or self-appointed hobby sheriffs to play at being the police,” Minister of Justice Heiko Maas warned last year, pointedly calling out those who were clicking “attend,” or otherwise loudly making plans to start patrolling neighborhoods at night, apparently on a mission to “bring back order” to inner cities.

Most of those announcements ended up being a lot of talk with little action. Still, gang violence in its most basic form seems to have taken on new inspiration: Last fall, a gang of four beat a 41-year-old acquaintance to death in front of a disco in provincial Waldbröl after getting drunk one night and going into town with baseball bats and some sort of vague plan to “hunt refugees.” Asked to explain the motive in court, one of the accused claimed that he was taking revenge for a girl who had been harassed.

In the United States, they used to call this lynching, with the reasons given often very much the same. And Germany isn’t the only European country that’s had trouble with self-appointed “hobby sheriffs” inventing themselves as “migrant hunters.” Finland has the anti-immigrant street patrol group Soldiers of Odin. And along the southern Bulgarian land border to Turkey there have been numerous incidents of vigilante groups detaining migrants, beating and humiliating them—and sometimes making a show of it in the process.

This year, prosecutors tried and failed to charge 31-year-old Peter Nizamov for “arresting“ three Afghan migrants, in the sense that he and his gang (they call themselves “Civil Squads for the Protection of Women and Faith”) cornered the three travelers, proceeded to rob them and beat them, then tied them up and shouted at them, in broken English, to go back to Turkey.

The state attorney should have had an easy time getting a six-year prison sentence for Nizamov. There was no question about the facts. He had posted a video of the event on Facebook, probably anticipating that it would be a great hit with his followers. And it was. Indeed, the flurry of “likes” was predictable—Bulgaria is mainly a transit country for refugees heading to Northern Europe, and the government itself has taken a harsh line on immigration, using the kind of rhetoric usually reserved for far-right fringe parties.

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Then, in March this year, the court decided to acquit Nizamov. The police, who likely expected he would just brag the way he did when he gave an interview to national broadcaster bTV while under house arrest and confess to the charges, had done a sloppy job in gathering evidence: They hardly even bothered (and failed) to find the three Afghans to come to court and testify. And the TV confession was not replicated in court.

Krassimir Kanev, from the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, a human rights group, says that videos like Nizamov’s have done more than incite hatred of immigrants via social media: “They reinforce widespread beliefs in Bulgaria that these activities are lawful and that these men are doing the right thing.“

Another DIY border patrol group, which calls itself the Shikpa Bulgarian National Movement, makes YouTube clips set to upbeat background music that show its members doing plank poses, practicing the “arrest” of people, and picking up litter.

In March, the group agreed to let NBC News and Channel 4 follow them for a few days, as they paraded around in the forest, dressed up in camouflage and armed with bayonets and long knives. They acted friendly and approachable and told the reporters that they had 50,000 followers and the full support of the border police—who, armed with batons and occasionally guard dogs, have themselves been accused of abusing asylum seekers trying to pass into the country. (Ziaullah Wafa, the 19-year-old Afghan man who was kiled crossing the border in October 2016, was shot by a police officer, not a vigilante.)

But in fact, Kanev says his organization hasn’t yet heard of BNO Shipka detaining any migrants. “I think they are pretending to be active,“ he tells me. “You look at these guys and you see they are just the sort of people who are doing this to tell others about it.”

After the incident in Arnsdorf last spring, Sale’s story took a tragic turn in January this year, after he went missing from his accommodation. A week before the trial, in which Sale was going to testify; a hunter discovered his dead body in the woods. An autopsy found he had frozen to death. There were no signs of external injuries, according to the report.

Detlef Oelsner, who had beaten and bound Sale last year, also likes to dabble in local politics. He lost badly when he ran to be the mayor of Arnsdorf two years ago. Oelsner was not happy about being labeled as a vigilante in the press—even now, he continues to maintain that he was showing “civil courage.”

“Of course it was unfortunate,” he says, referring to Sale’s death. He and his three buddies were sitting with their lawyer when they found out: “We were a bit shocked.”

After an awkward pause he adds, “I mean we didn’t know him personally.”

This April, shortly before the quartet was set to go on trial for their pseudo-arrest, the state attorney’s office received an email which threatened to put a bullet in the head of whomever showed up in court. Onlookers were taken aback when two prosecutors walked into the courtroom flanked by bodyguards: “I haven’t seen something like that in 30 years of being a lawyer,” one Green Party politician based in Saxony told us.

Martina Angermann, the mayor, was disappointed when the judge canceled the trial after just three hours, citing little public benefit to be had from the proceedings, which would have ended with a minimal fine at best. Meanwhile, protesters stood outside the courtroom, holding cat-sick yellow signs that read “Show trial” and “Vigilance is not a crime.”

“Arnsdorf is still divided about this case,” said Angermann.


Công Hòa Viêt-Nam Muôn Nam!
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Joined: 13 Dec 2005
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Location: New York

PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:08 pm    Post subject: No more Schengen Zone! Reply with quote

Schengen's Europe is a sieve. We should re-establish border controls.

We should:

* Bar entry on national territory of the Tarik Ramadan and other "predicators"

* Dissolve the UOIF (Muslim Union that's a front for the Muslim Brotherhood)

* Expell all imams and other foreign preachers who promote hatred, obscurantism and intolerance.

* Immediate imprisonment of all listed "S" who are French nationals, expulsion of the foreigners.

* Close down all salafist mosques

* Make preaching in French mandatory in all other mosques

* Absolute interdiction to French nationals who left to join the IS or any other such organization to return (in any way, shape or form) to French territory

* Repeal the Schengen Treaty and real control re-established at all our borders.
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Joined: 23 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:14 pm    Post subject: She Banned Muslims Before Trump, Now Wants to Be Governor Reply with quote

She Banned Muslims Before Trump, Now Wants to Be Governor
Jan Morgan owns a gun range that she declared a ‘Muslim-free zone.’ Now she’s running for governor of Arkansas.
BY Dean Obeidallah

If you hate Muslims, love guns, and are giddy at the prospect of a holy war pitting Christians versus Muslims, then there’s only one logical thing to do: Run for governor of Arkansas.

Actually, there are other things you could do with that pedigree, such as appear regularly on Fox News or write for Breitbart. And Jan Morgan has done all that and more. And now this Republican activist wants to “Make Arkansas Great Again!”

Morgan, who is the spokesperson for the grassroots organization Citizens for Trump, came to infamy in 2014 when she proclaimed that Muslims would not be permitted into her gun range, declaring it a “Muslim-free zone.” Morgan’s view is that every Muslim is such an inherent threat that we can’t be allowed to learn how to shoot guns because of course we will use them to commit acts of violence. To Morgan, the Second Amendment she claims to love more than Trump loves Diet Cokes apparently has a Muslim exception.

Although it appears Morgan’s Muslim-radar may be a bit jammed because she also banned two Hindu men from her gun range even after one told her, “I’m not Muslim, I’m just brown.” Well, Morgan was not taking any chances. You know how crafty we Muslims can be. So out these two Indian men went.

So what happens when you openly declare you are going to discriminate against Muslims? You get invited on to Fox News, of course. And so began her regular appearances on the network, which led to her boasting on her personal website: “You can catch Jan weekly on Fox News/Fox Business Network.”

But Morgan is not your run-of-the-mill anti-Muslim Republican. She is a trendsetter in the world of bigotry. She bragged that after proclaiming her gun range a “Muslim-free zone,” she inspired others to do the same, boasting that “gun ranges and gun stores in 6 states have followed my lead and are doing the same thing.”

In fact, when Trump announced in December 2015 his call for a “total and complete” ban on Muslims entering the United States, there was Morgan on Fox, patting herself on the back for coming up with a Muslim ban way before Trump made it a thing: “I think it's pretty funny that Donald Trump stood up in front of the world today and said he's basically going to do what I'm already doing at my gun range.”

And Morgan’s personal website is also littered with posts designed to stoke hate against Muslims, from articles titled “American Muslims call for Islamic Revolution in America” to a video featuring Ben Carson declaring, “Islam is not consistent with the Constitution.”

Read more:
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:54 pm    Post subject: Giving in to the Muslim invasion Reply with quote

Also: L'Oréal has ads for hair care featuring women wearing hijabs. There's a video at the link below.

Macy's To Become First Major Department Store In The U.S. To Sell Hijabs
Hijabs will now be sold through the Macy's website.
by Zola Ray

Macy’s announced that it will be launching a clothing line targeted specifically to Muslim women, and hijabs will be a part of it, Fortune reported Wednesday. With the arrival of this line, Macy’s will become the first major department store in the U.S. to sell hijabs.

Named the Verona Collection, the brand will offer modest cardigans, dresses, pants and tops, in addition to hijabs. The line’s products will be priced from $13 to $85, and the line will go on sale February 15th. It will only be sold online at macys.com.

The line came about largely as a result of The Workshop, a Macy’s program dedicated to elevating businesses owned by women and people of color. The collection was founded by Lisa Vogl who was a graduate of the program, CNBC reported Wednesday. Vogl launched the brand when she noticed a lack of options for people who want to wear modest clothing while still looking fashionable.

“Verona Collection is more than a clothing brand. It’s a platform for a community of women to express their personal identity and embrace fashion that makes them feel confident on the inside and outside,” Vogl said according to a February 1 press release.

While this is a first for any major department store in the U.S., the Verona collection is a new addition to the list of brands that sell products targeted to the Muslim consumer, such as a hijab launched by Nike last year for athletics, CNBC reported Wednesday. Mattel has also announced that it will release a doll modeled after fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first American Olympic athlete to compete while wearing the traditional headscarf. The doll was originally announced in November at the Glamour Women of the Year Summit, CNN reported.

Muslim representation in the fashion industry has increased in the past year. Muslim activist and Women’s March co-founder Linda Sarsour, who wears a hijab, helped open a New York Fashion Week show for designer Mara Hoffman in 2017, along with her fellow co-founders. American Eagle released denim hijabs in 2017 along with its jeans collection. The face of the campaign was a Muslim model named Halima Aden.



John R Allen · Delight High School
Boycott Macey's for supporting a "religion" that degrades and supresses womens womens rights, lowering them to a status equivelent to slavery

Pamela Keehn-Tucker
America slitting her own throat! NEW WORLD ORDER.

Deborah Jackson · West Hartford, Connecticut
What a shame!

Elizabeth Gwendolyn Enat-Hung
About time. Too bad that they do not have a store here. I buy mine online

Pat Dorsey · Professional Couch Potato at Retired
Trump isn't going to like that. If they are made outside of the US, he will propose a huge tarriff so nobody could afford them.

Janice Perrino · New York, New York
What's next? Chains for blacks?

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:50 am    Post subject: Anti-Muslim protests in PyeongChang... Reply with quote

Anti-Muslim protests in PyeongChang get Winter Olympics prayer room scrapped
[Yahoo Sports]
Josh Martin, Yahoo Sports•Feb 10, 2018, 9:18 AM

By and large, PyeongChang has gone out of its way to welcome the world for the 2018 Winter Olympics. But not everyone in the South Korean host city is feeling the Olympic spirit.

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has announced that it will no longer go forward with plans to set up a mobile multi-faith prayer room for spectators in Gangneung, where all of the Games’ indoor events are taking place, following “strong opposition” from anti-Muslim protestors, according to Al Jazeera’s Haeyoon Kim and Faras Ghani.

“We sat down with them for talks, but in the end, we had to cancel the plans,” Gangneung city government tourism division chief Kang Suk-ho told Al Jazeera.

The KTO’s Kim Yeong-ju told Korea Exposé’s Ho Kyeong Jang that opposition to the prayer rooms was so strong that local officials “could no longer do their jobs.”

Much of the hostility has flowed from the PyeongChang Olympics Gangwon Citizens’ Islam Countermeasure Association, a relatively new group that pushed a petition against the prayer room via Google. The petition — which stoked fear about radical Islam in the South Korean province of Gangwon — has collected more than 56,000 digital signatures.

“The government has already spent too much of the taxpayers’ money on the Games, and we shouldn’t spend more building a prayer room,” Seo Ji-hyun, the director of operations at the Islam Countermeasure Association, told Al Jazeera. He also suggested that Muslims should refrain from prayer at the Olympic Games as they supposedly would while flying or driving.

Islamophobia is nothing new in South Korea, where Muslims comprise just 0.2 percent of an overall population of 51 million. The Citizens’ Association for a Proper Country, a civic group led by Jeong Hyeong-man, has advocated against halal-friendly establishments and warned against “the increase of Muslim terrorist bases in Korea.”

Muslim athletes in PyeongChang still have access to a cafeteria serving certified halal food. And all visitors to the Winter Games who adhere to the faith can count on vociferous support from the Korean Muslim Federation.

“This decision demonstrates that we, as a host country, lack thoughtful understanding,” Lee Ju-hwa, a KMF representative, told Al Jazeera in a statement, before adding, “Instead of claiming that the installation of a prayer room is preferential treatment given to a certain religion, we need to raise awareness that it was to consider others with different faith and beliefs.”

The move comes as another blow to the host country’s attempts to bolster its image as a “Muslim-friendly Korea.” According to the KTO, South Korea saw a 33-percent year-over-year increase in Muslim tourists between 2015 and 2016, and welcomed 1.7 million members of the faith as visitors in 2017.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:46 am    Post subject: Dress code Reply with quote

Let them wear what they deem appropriate but don't let them force their dress rules on others.... However let them sell and buy stuff over the internet as they want as long as they don't enforce their dress rules on others.. Fair enough? Actually many women scarred by skin cancer would rather cover up fashionably and with style than risk getting skin cancer again and some of the new middle eastern types of clothing let you do that without any stigma it seems....

Otherwise we may just as well as tell other nationalities to stop wearing sari etc etc etc...
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:26 pm    Post subject: Re: Dress code Reply with quote

inkling7 wrote:
Otherwise we may just as well as tell other nationalities to stop wearing sari etc etc etc...

Not the same thing. The sari, like the ao dài, have cultural, but no religious connotations. Nor are they obligatory garb. An Indian woman may wear something else than a sari, a Vietnamese woman something else than an ao dài (and they do), no dress code police will bother them, whereas a Muslim woman not wearing hijab or burqa may be arrested, beaten, etc. in fundamentalist muslim countries.
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Joined: 03 Mar 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:08 pm    Post subject: Re: Dress code Reply with quote

inkpot wrote:
inkling7 wrote:
Otherwise we may just as well as tell other nationalities to stop wearing sari etc etc etc...

Not the same thing. The sari, like the ao dài, have cultural, but no religious connotations. Nor are they obligatory garb. An Indian woman may wear something else than a sari, a Vietnamese woman something else than an ao dài (and they do), no dress code police will bother them, whereas a Muslim woman not wearing hijab or burqa may be arrested, beaten, etc. in fundamentalist muslim countries.

Totally agree with you, Inkpot. ten

This said - sure, if it's their choice to wear hijab or chador or whatever (in the 70's, when Khomeini first came to power in Iran and Muslim women wore chadors, Hermès started to make chadors...) let them order them online or buy them wherever they can find them. The problem is that, too often, especially in Europe, they do it to flaunt their difference, as a provocation. Reminds me of that Algerian cleaning lady Bill and I once had in Cagnes, who wore the Muslim veil as a sign that she was a practicing Muslim (didn't drive, wouldn't get in a car with Bill if I wasn't there too, etc.) while her sister wore jeans and went out in the world as an independant woman...
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