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Hermione Granger - What made her tick?
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:38 pm    Post subject: Did they or didn't they? Reply with quote

The big question being debated at the moment in the CoS Hermione thread is whether she and Krum actually snogged or not. Rolling Eyes

Honestly, if it comes down to unimportant details like that (like, who cares?), it's one more piece of evidence that people are running out of things to discuss about the HP books and movies. sleep
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:51 pm    Post subject: Hermione and Snape's creativity Reply with quote

Here's an exchange comparing Hermione with Snape at her age, with regards to learning from books and sometimes going beyond the books.

I have the same feeling about Snape being very Hermione-ish in how serious he took his studies. However young Snape seems far more creative, more eager to go beyond the limits of text and lecture to really understand and improve what's already known. We don't really see that with Hermione outside of a few moments until DH where she gets a lot more creative in her use of relatively mundane spells for extraordinary purposes.

I agree with this pretty much. As we know from the HBP book, Snape is not content with following book instructions. He is refining and perfecting advanced potions, and he is inventing spells. In that context, he's more creative, because Hermione is more wedded to the book.

Hermione, though, is very good at thinking outside-the-box in a crisis. So I would say that she just possesses a different type of creativity than Snape did at her age.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:54 pm    Post subject: Hermione Granger - What made her tick? Reply with quote

Music I look at things from both sites now Music
The following is a copy-and-paste opinion about Hermione.

1.Hermione's afraid of failure,so as defense mechanism, she studies obsessively and tries very hard to do everything literally by-the-book. How have her insecurities and defense mechanisms affected her development as a character throughout the series, and what are some other ones? In what ways have they hindered or helped her ? What causes her to feel this way, and has she become more secure with herself throughout the series?
I think it studying a lot has helped her gain knowledge about the wizarding world and I think that makes her more confident. At the same time, she doesn't initially make very many friends because they think she is a know-it-all. I think she feels insecure because she is a Muggleborn and she wants to fit into the wizarding world. I feel that she has become more secure throughout the series because she has grown and realized what her strengths are and focused more on those. Also, I think having friends who are different from her (Harry and Ron are more laid back when it comes to school) has helped her to realize it can be fun to let go a little.

2. Hermione repeatedly defends and helps those who can't defend or help themselves. . How similar is this to Harry's "saving people thing," and what does it say about her character?
I think it shows that she is very outspoken about what she believes in and has the guts to go through with what she wants to do, which is a positive trait because a lot of people can struggle with that. This could be similar to Harry's "saving people thing" because they both help people who are in a tight spot.

3.Hermione is very intuitive when it comes to others' emotions.However, she hardly ever talks about her own feelings, and most of them are expressed only through actions, like the flock of birds in HBP. Is this related in anyway to her insecurity? How does her relationship with Ron and Harry affect this part of personality? How do her relationships with other girls ( Ginny, Luna, Parvati, Lavendar, Pansy, etc.) affect it? Or how do they reflect that part of her?
I think she isn't used to talking about her emotions so she doesn't feel comfortable talking about them. It could be related to her insecurity because Hermione is used to having rules written down in a book for her but emotions don't have boundaries so it isn't something she likes to delve into. Being friends with Ron and Harry, both of whom don't talk too much about their emotions anyway, allows her to not have to talk about her own feelings. I think she doesn't mind talking about other people's feelings because she wants to help them.

4. What does this say about her connection to the wizarding world and her relationship with her parents? What do you think of her decision to modify her parent's memories?

I think her relationship with her parents is pretty decent and I feel that she likes to impress them with her good grades and stuff because that really is something that her parents can understand. The fact that she modified her parent's memory shows that she cares about them enough to realize they could get hurt being associated with her and she doesn't want that.

5. What does Hermione contribute to the Trio, both on a normal social basis and in the challenges they face together throughout the series? How do her strengths get them through things, and how do her weaknesses hold them back?
She is the brains of the trio because she always has the most knowledge on many of the stuff they face together. But she is also intuitive about emotions so she knows what is bothering her friends without them telling her and she usually tries to help out. Also, she tries not to prevent fights in the group, at least between Ron and Harry, so I think it helps to have her to keep them together. She wants them to follow rules, and chides them for doing the wrong thing but that usually doesn't hold them back too much because in the end they still break rules.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:04 pm    Post subject: Hermione Granger - What made her tick? Reply with quote

Oddly enough despite generally being good with other peoples emotions she was terrible at reading Ron when it came to his feelings for her. It was not hard for anyone to see how Ron felt about Hermione as Ron is rather bad at hiding his emotions but because it related to her its like a insecure or pessimistic part of Hermione refused to see what was obvious and that Ron had feelings for her.
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