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The Disinformation Society

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2005 1:29 pm    Post subject: The Disinformation Society Reply with quote

I came across an article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on that subject. Here's the intro to his (very long) article:

George W. Bush's re-election has been explained as a red-state-vs-blue-state "value gap". But research shows a majority of Bush voters were misinformed about White House policies on the environment, Iraq, and terrorism. Instead of news, they got propaganda, disseminated by the right-wing machine, corporate broadcasters, and journalists who think balance in reporting one side. In a new epilogue to his recent book, Crimes Against Nature, RFK, Jr. shows how, almost two decades after Reagan's FCC eliminated the Fairness Doctrine, the media have hidden the real gap - between America's values and those of its government.

Some excerpts from the article itself:

Many Democratic voters marveled at the election results. G.W. Bush, they argued, has transformed a projected $5.6 trillion, 10-year Bill Clinton surplus into a projected $1.4 trillion deficit - a $7-trillion shift in wealth from our national treasury into the pockets of the wealthiest Americans, particularly the president's corporate paymasters. Any discerning observer, they argued, must acknowledge that the White House has repeated lied to the American people about critical policy issues - Medicare, education, the environment, the budget implications of its tax breaks, and the war in Iraq - with catastrophic results.

President Bush has opened our national lands and sacred places to the lowest bidder and launched a jihad against the American environment and public health to enrich his corporate sponsors. He has mired us in a costly, humiliating war that has killed more than 1,520 American soldiers and maimed 11,300. He has made America the target of Islamic hatred, caused thousands of new terrorists to be recruited to al-Qaeda, isolated us in the world, and drained our treasury of the funds necessary to rebuild Afghanistan and to finance our own vital homeland-security needs. He has shattered our traditional alliances and failed to protect vulnerable terrorist targets at home - chemical plants, nuclear facilities, air-cargo carriers, and ports. He has disgraced our nation and empowered with unpunished excesses at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. These baffled Democrats were hard-pressed to believe their fellow Americans would give a man like this a second term.


[quoting bill Moyers] "... You (the journalists) do not get rewarded for telling the hard truths about Ammerican in a profit-seeking environment". Moyers called the decline in American journalism "the biggest story of our time". He added "We don't have a vigilant, independent press whose interest is the American people".

Moyers has elsewhere commented that "the quality of journalism and the quality of democracy are inextricably joined." By diminishing the capacity for voters to make rational choices, the breakdown of the American press is threatening not just our environment but our democracy.

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Le Saigonnais

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 7:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The US government doesn't have any moral or political credibility left.

America is no longer the land of Frank Lloyd Wright, of Ernest Hemingway, of Norman Rockwell but of George Dubya Bush, of Sean Hannity, of Tom Delay, of Bill O'Reilly, of Jerry Springer, of Ann Coulter and others. How ugly, cheap, dishonest and low the country has become....
Ta đã trở "nại" , "nợi" hại gấp trăm "nần"...!
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